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How to save money

The most recent economic data says the housing market is recovering. It's apparently good news it's going to cost us more to buy our homes again. Anyway, this news is supposed to encourage us into believing everything is getting back to normal. As consumers we're now confident to go out and spend again. Except the reality is not quite as rosy as economists would have us believe. We still need to pay down our debts or not take on new ones. We still need value for our hard earned dollars and, no matter what anyone says, this applies just as much to insurance as to any other goods or services we might buy. So here are a few tips on how to find affordable cover.

Shop around

In a real capitalist country, there's an open market and free competition between all the main companies. For complicated reasons, this does not apply to the insurance market. There's no federal insurance market. Each state is a unique market and you are not allowed to buy cover across state lines. This means the number of companies competing for your business is artificially limited to those with a license to sell in your state. This does not mean there will be no difference between the premium rates quoted by the smaller number of insurers. But you should ensure you get quotes from as many companies as possible. That's the strength of this site. It gets quotes from all the main insurers. Since it's free to use, you can get as many different sets of quotes based on different variables, e.g. changing the size of the deductible, testing whether you are eligible for discounts, and so on. You really can find good deals the more you look.

Increase the amount of the deductible

Never forget this means you are insuring yourself for the amount to agree to accept but, if you go up to the maximum (usually $1,000) you can save 10% on the standard premium rates. However, before you go down this road, be sure you can afford to pay out if you should be unlucky and find yourself with two claims in the same year.

Buy the right make and model

This is where the biggest savings can be made but you don't change your vehicle every week. These are big ticket items and it can be several years between each purchase. However, whenever the first buy or the replacement is to be found, check out which vehicles have the safest ratings in crash tests and so are the cheapest to insure.

Think about the pay-as-you-drive option

If you drive less than the average number of miles per week, you will probably benefit from fitting onboard monitoring equipment and paying only for the miles you drive. Get car insurance quotes to find if you will benefit.

Think about bundles

You will save money if you insure multiple vehicles or get both home and car insurance quotes from the same company.

Types of Car Insurance


Insurance coverage for vehicles is as varied as the vehicles themselves. It is always best to understand the different types of insurance for your vehicle so you'll know what you will get in case you got into an accident. The law also requires that anyone who owns a car must have an insurance. The premium that you will pay largely depends on several factors like your gender, age, make and model of your car, and more.


How Does Car Insurance Work?


Car insurance is one thing that all car owners should have. While not everyone wishes that they will use it, the knowledge that insurance covers you and your vehicle for any accidents will give you peace of mind while driving. Vehicles' insurance coverage does not only include payment for the damages on the car but an assurance for your medical fees as well. Properties that are damaged by the vehicle involved in the accident are also covered. In short, insurance coverage for cars protects the owners from unwanted expenses that may be incurred should an accident happen.


Cheap Car Insurance
through Car Maintenance


Car insurance premium can really burn a serious hole in your pocket. There are, of course, ways on how you can keep your insurance premium low. The best way to do it is to properly maintain your vehicle and keep it in tip-top shape. This would ensure that your vehicle is always running at its best and will reduce the chances of accidents. In most accident cases, 5% of these incidents are caused by faulty engines or tire blowouts—situations that could have been avoided with the right car maintenance.